Although laser treatments have spread far and wide with both men and women opting for this method to get rid of unwanted hair, there are some rumours and misconceptions regarding the treatment that need to be clarified. Given below are some of the hair removal myths busted.

Post-treatment side effects

Skin damage is one of the common misconceptions about laser hair removal. Unless you go about incessantly scratching the treated area right after the procedure is completed, the skin remains just fine. Laser does not penetrate the skin; it does not pierce or tear it. And so, it cannot leave marks or scars. It is completely safe, but you have to take care not to expose the treated skin to intense sun or take part in physical activities that produce a lot of sweat. There will be a mild red glow which will gradually wither away in a week or two.

Laser-Resurfacing-2Laser treatment is painful

The procedure causes a mild discomfort like an elastic band being pulled taut over the skin, but it is nowhere near the level of pain caused during plucking or waxing. Modern technology allows for a machine to deliver a measured amount of therapeutic heat to the treated area.

One treatment lasts for a lifetime

Laser treatment is a set of procedures that last over a period of 2 – 3 years in order for the effects to be permanent. After the first session is finished, you’ll have to undergo several more for a flawless, hair-free body.

The treatment takes time

The first session where the skin has to be carefully worked on for the first time will take some time. But later sessions can be completed within a matter of minutes.

Causes bodily damage, even cancer

Laser hardly penetrates the skin surface as mentioned before. It has not been proven to cause any bodily damage or be the source of critical illnesses such as cancer. The biggest dangers of a laser treatment can be limited to a reddish colour that vanishes in a couple of days.

All people have similar results

The effectiveness of laser treatment depends on the quality of the person’s hair and skin. Hence, the treatment results vary from person to person. Consult a skin specialist and ask for recommendations on treatment options that work best for your skin.

Laser is costly

Considering the long-term benefits of laser treatment and comparing that with the weekly visits to the parlour, the current costs of laser treatments are fair and reasonable. It could also be a financially wise choice when looking at the broader picture.

Faster hair growth

The procedure is performed on hair follicles to prevent further hair growth. This won’t be a permanent solution after just one treatment and thus, a course is recommended.

Treatments in skin clinics

Qualified professionals and specialised equipment are used in places such as Ryder Clinic to perform laser treatments. Significant hair removal can be achieved with only a couple of sessions with a professional medical laser machine. Machines found in some day spas target only the hair and do not work on hair follicles.

Anyone versed with the machine can do it?

Who would you prefer diagnosing and treating your body – a professional qualified physician or a laser technician? A technician may be present when the procedure is performed but it is the doctor in reputed clinics that do the actual treatment. Stories of scarring and painful procedures are often recanted by patients who have opted for laser treatments by unqualified people in dubious centres.

These are the most common myths surrounding the treatment of bodily hair using laser technology. With a leading physician and team of qualified nurses at Ryder Clinic, you need not have any worries regarding the treatment. For more details, contact us today and we’ll work out the best solution for you.

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