Laser treatments are becoming increasingly more popular, even with men for hair removal! Effective laser treatments can help you roll back the years and leave your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated. While there are many safe ways and places to get treatments done, people still are hesitant. This is because there are certain false myths surrounding laser treatments that many people still believe. This article debunks some of the popular myths regarding laser treatments, allowing people to make their own decisions based on fact rather than fiction.

Myth: You need to shave between your treatments

This is not necessary. In fact, clinics prefer that you don’t shave at all before your next session. That way, they can get a more accurate sense of how the hair removal treatment is going. If you do, stick with an electric razor, because you don’t know how sensitive your skin is to a razor blade.

Myth: You only need treatments when there is a problem

Not at all. Preventative measures can be used on your skin, even when you are still relatively young. If you have a skin problem you are not happy with, consult your doctor even if you are in your 20s and 30s.

Myth: You can never go out in the blazing sun again

Simply not true! Like always, it is recommended that you use at least SPF 30 for your sunscreen in order to maintain healthy looking skin. You should be wearing sunscreen anyway, even if you’ve never had a laser treatment before.

Myth: Laser treatments hurt a lot

As of late, most (if not all) laser treatments are fairly pain-free. Most machines these days are less invasive. With more and more advanced technology, some machines actually feature a cooling tip to soothe skin as the treatment is being administered.

Myth: Laser treatments are super expensive

Sure, they’re not cheap like going to buy facial masks from the local pharmacy, but they’re not that unaffordable either. Think about how much money you spend on facial products, such as cream and masks on a yearly basis – the amount is probably comparable to how much laser treatments cost. If you think about it, laser treatments might even eliminate use of other skin rejuvenating treatments, saving you money in the long run.

Myth: Laser treatments can lead to skin infections

Sure, your skin may be a little sore after your treatment, but that doesn’t mean that it gets extra sensitive. There is basically no chance of infections because during treatment there is no skin being broken. No veins are exposed, which means that there is virtually no risk of infection.

Beach-300x225Myth: Laser treatments can lead to cancer

There has been no evidence whatsoever that proves that laser causes cancer or even stimulates cancer cells. There is more research being done on this subject in order to draw more conclusions, but it’s not something to worry about. Until then, feel free to use laser treatments to help you ease pain, or for other issues arising from malignancies.

Myth: Heat to the area that is being treated

Yes, laser treatment is technically a light source, but the way that the treatments help to heal is using the light to interact with your cells, which causes certain reactions. A properly designed machine will help to reduce a lot of heat on the area being treated.

Myth: Laser treatments can work magic on your skin

Some people like to equate lasers with magic, in that it can treat everything. It is simply not true. While it is an effective treatment, laser treatments do work on some skin issues. It won’t go below the surface of the skin, so it can only treat ailments that occur on the surface of the skin.

Please contact us for advice and to discuss laser treatment options for your skin condition in more detail.

[Photo by lucasmalta and johnnyberg]