ATF laser skin rejuvenation

One of the latest developments in skin rejuvenation has been the use of ATF lasers, with many in the industry raving about how this technique reduces recovery time and produces even better results than traditional skin rejuvenation and resurfacing methods. If you are considering this aesthetic procedure, we’ve put together a list of all the basics about ATF so that you can make an informed choice on your path to having a glowing and radiant skin.

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Heal-skin-plagued-by-acne-200x300ATF vs. IPL: what’s the difference?

Most people are fairly familiar with IPL or Intense Pulsed Light laser treatment which is designed to treat blemishes, age spots and wrinkles on the surface of the skin. In treating skin discolouration, IPL works by emitting pulses of light to break up the pigment in the skin cells and thus correct imperfections caused by pockets of melanin in the cells. The pulsed light also rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in cells, both of which are instrumental to maintaining firm and healthy skin. IPL laser treatments can improve the texture and tone of the skin, minimise the appearance of pores, treat acne and make fine lines less pronounced.

The ATF laser procedure also uses pulsed light laser technology to correct skin imperfections, but it does so in a slightly different way. While IPL uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths of light, including ultraviolet or UV light which does not add anything to the treatment process and can in fact be harmful for your skin, ATF does not. ATF essentially refines the IPL process by introducing a fluorescence filtering system that filters out the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light is then converted into a wavelength that becomes part of the spectrum that is usable and effective in treatment. In ATF laser treatment, light is distributed at a uniform pulse across the surface of the skin and is absorbed by the skin without any damage to healthy tissue. The uniform and smooth pulses of light ensure less damage and minimal discomfort to the skin.

Why ATF wows?

With ATF, you can throw out the old “No Pain No Gain” mantra because the procedure is relatively painless. There is none of the redness and swelling that is usually associated with laser resurfacing.  As minimal damage is inflicted on skin, little to no recovery time is needed. ATF lasers are non-invasive and each treatment takes only a couple of minutes. It is the perfect pick-me-up for tired, worn out skin, and thanks to the refined treatment process, you will be able to get back to your daily routine with no downtime in between.

Perfect for pigmentation problems

ATF skin rejuvenation treats skin discolouration problems very effectively. Thus it is a great option for those with sun damage, age spots or freckles. The uniformed pulsed light penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to breakdown the problematic pigmentation that is the root cause of many skin discolouration woes. The pigment or melanin is broken into fragments which can be absorbed by the body and discarded.

Acne away! 

Perhaps the biggest plus point of ATF laser skin rejuvenation is its ability to heal skin that is plagued by acne. Pimples, blackheads and acne associated lesions can be eradicated without messy creams or corticosteroid drug therapies that can have side effects. In order to treat acne, the laser targets the bacteria produced by acne. The pulsed light interacts with the bacteria to release oxygen that  in turn  kills the bacteria without damaging the tissue surrounding it.

The safer way to treat your skin

Thanks to the fluorescence filter which cuts harmful ultraviolet light out of the equation, ATF laser skin rejuvenation is much safer for your skin. It has truly revolutionised cosmetic laser treatments. It gives us the opportunity to turn back the clock and erase the effects of ageing.

[Photo by Saluda UdeaA]