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acne treatments

Using laser to cure acne?

Acne laser treatment

If you’re one of many people who have acne skin problems and are tired of drugs and skin creams, there is an alternative solution. Acne laser treatments may be a way to help you eliminate those pesky spots on your skin forever. Similarly to how they are used in reducing scarring, this technology can help to clear up acne wherever the laser is targeted.

What happens is that this technology attacks scarring and wrinkles by eliminating the first few layers of the skin. It therefore removes indents of these scars. Lasers using yellow light can be used to work against acne itself by destroying bacteria that causes acne. The skin’s healing process then helps to smooth out the overall appearance of your skin.

What causes acne?

Acne TreatmentAcne happens when oil secreting glands get clogged and infected. Even if there is blockage, the skin glands still produce sebum oil, which results in a swelling beneath the blockage. It can cause a whitehead spot or a blackhead if the sebum is stuck in the pore and exposed to air. These pores might get infected with bacteria which leads to swelling – these are the red spots you typically see.

Commonly the places you find acne outbreaks are on the face, back, chest and shoulders. This is typically where there is a large concentration of oil production.

Acne can be worse if you suffer from emotional stress, use products your skin is sensitive to and, if you are constantly fatigued. Humid places also exacerbate acne, as well as the constant habit of squeezing your spots. Come on, we have all done that at some point in our lives.

How does acne light therapy work?

Acne bacteria is extremely sensitive to oxygen and dies when it comes into contact with it. The lasers destroy the acne by destroying the bacteria. What happens is that the laser generates oxygen where the light comes in contact with the skin. It then releases the oxygen and the bacteria is essentially destroyed because it can only live if there is no oxygen.

This means that instead of constantly applying creams and going to your dermatologist to get more pills, you probably only need treatments every couple of months to keep your acne at bay. All you need is one treatment and your skin should be pretty clear after that.
Isn’t that great news?

Another positive reason to go down this route is if you have not responded well to antibiotics for your acne. As much as half of acne suffers in the UK have mutated forms of acne bacteria and they do not respond well to various antibiotics.

Even if you think that about 90 percent of adolescents suffer from acne, it can happen to adults. It can be a lifelong problem, and as much as 1 in 25 men over 40 still have acne.

What happens after I get therapy?

After you receive Acne laser treatment, you might experience some redness. This is quite common so you do not need to worry. Some people also experience some swelling that lasts for a few days or hours. If you have side effects other than the ones mentioned here, go and consult your doctor.

Also, make sure to take care of your skin. It will help you to get the best results from your treatment. For example, make sure you wash your face and moisturise it well, and avoid oil based cosmetics and facial products. Don’t wear headbands or chinstraps if possible, and don’t constantly touch your face as that can help spread bacteria. If you head out into the sun, make sure to put on sunscreen so you don’t get burnt, as that can cause acne.

If you’re suffering from acne, don’t hesitate to contact us for some advice about our advanced laser treatment options available at The Ryder Skin Clinic in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

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